Modular Homes

So you want to buy a new modular home…….


  1. Come visit the Park. Drive through and walk around. Get a feel for the atmosphere
  2. Make an appointment to find out which lots ar available. Take the time to stand on the lot, to visualize living there. Lot selection is imperative so we can help you build your home to fit the lot and your needs and desires.
  3. Only new modular homes, built by Northlander in Exeter, ON are placed in the Park. The dealer is Sean Cowan (Pike Lake in Mount Forest– 1.800.265.2551). He will walk you through making contact and placing your order with Northlander. His crew will install your new home on site
  4. Martin (519.623.2845) will ensure the process for installing the unit and getting it up and running, proceeds smoothly. He will be in frequent contact with you, to ensure that your wishes are being met.
  5. Once a decision has been made on the size, model and configuration, drawings will be created and delivered to the Park. The Park will get the necessary building permits/development fees taken care of so permits can be issued and actual construction of the site can begin. The park will hire the contractors to take cae of the excavation and preparation for the concrete pad, electricians for the service hook-ups, contact Hydro One and the City of Hamilton for the required inspections, and book a propane tank through Primemax or the provider of your choice.
  6. Take your time to be very sure. It is a big step, but one you will be glad you made.
  7. Understand the timelines involved in the construction of your new home, and permits before we can dig. The site has to be excavated, and made ready for the concrete pad. Meanwhile, the construction of the home is taking place, and made ready for transportation to the site. There, the finishing touches to the unit itself are made. Final landscaping can then, be done. After all the inspection are completes you can then move in.
  8. Once you move in, you will be responsible for your monthly rent, Hamilton Municipal Taxes, your utilities, telephone, etc. Presently, we do not charge for water /sewer.

THIS COULD BE HOME FOR YOU                                                          You could be living here.

Lakeview homes

Sites open to create your own dream, Northlander Modular Retirement Home.

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Whispering Pines

Limited sites available.  Triple wide units. Water in from, trees in behind.